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Peter Abetz - Member for Southern River
Unit 4, 2 Furley Road
Southern River WA 6110

Telephone: 08 9256 4900
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Which Fraser Road?

Ever since being elected as the state Member of Parliament for this area six years ago, various residents living in Fraser Rd North, Canning Vale, and Fraser Rd, Canning Vale, have sought my help to fix the confusion caused by such similar road names.

One of the frequent problems that occurs with having two roads named “Fraser Road” has been the misdirection of freight and mail deliveries. As you can imagine this has caused a lot of frustration amongst residents in both Fraser Road and Fraser Road North. Last year one resident in Fraser Road North had a pallet load of cat food delivered to her front door that should have gone to Fraser Rd in the kennel zone! More recently, police were called to an incident, and went to the wrong Fraser Road.   I share the concern of residents that one day it could cost someone their life if an ambulance ends up at the wrong address.

I believe that the residents of both roads are entitled to have their voices heard, and I am working towards trying to resolve this problem to the satisfaction of the majority. I have sent a letter to the residents of Fraser Road North and would like to hear from any other people who have been affected or frustrated by the road name similarities.


Jandakot Airport Noise

While I have not received many complaints about aircraft noise for some years, I understand that noise from aircraft and helicopter circuit training from Jandakot Airport is still of concern to some residents in some areas of Canning Vale. AirServices Australia is seeking information about the noise problem, and will be placing a monitor in the suburb to get an accurate picture of the noise being experienced in the area. I am collecting feedback from residents about the noise in their area for the Jandakot Civil Aviation Consultation Group and after this information has been collated, a decision can be made as to the best place to put the noise monitoring unit. If you would like to let me know what noise you are experiencing in your area, please contact me via email and I will pass on this information to the consultation group. I understand that they will be making a decision about the placement in January 2015.



As Summer approaches, I encourage everyone to make sure they are bushfire ready. Everybody who lives or travels near bush needs to get ready now. This includes developing a bushfire plan, packing an emergency kit and creating a 20-metre building protection zone around your home or workplace.  For more information click here


My latest community newsletter was distributed by my fantastic volunteer team  in November. You can also access it via my “Meet Peter” page, under the e-newsletters menu item.


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