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Interested in the proposed Perth Airport Flight Path Trial?


Important Update! August 2015

The proposed night time flight trial has been cancelled.

The Community Consultation evenings scheduled in August (on 11th and 12) have been cancelled.

For Airservices Australia’s full statement see the Cancelled Flightpath Trial Factsheet


A Warm Welcome!

2015 Marks the 100th anniversary of the ANZAC landing at Gallipoli.

Weeks after war was declared in August 1914, long before the suburbs of Canning Vale, Southern River or Huntingdale were established, Henry Rieke of Walter Street in Gosnells, signed up with the Australian Imperial Force, joining the 11th Battalion, the first battalion recruited in Western Australia. Together with the 9th, 10th and 12th Battalions it formed the 3rd Brigade. After just two weeks of training in WA, the Brigade was sent to Egypt for training and less than six months later it was then sent on to Gallipoli.

The 3rd Brigade was the first ashore at ANZAC cove on 25 April 1915, landing at 4:30am to provide cover for the following troops. On that first day, 25th April, Private Henry Rieke was killed, and now lies in Row O, Grave 14 at Lone Pine cemetery.

The 11th Battalion was heavily involved in defending the front line of the Anzac beachhead during the early part of the campaign, and later it made attacks at the southern end of the Anzac position before the battle of Lone Pine. It continued to serve at Anzac Cove until the evacuation in December and then went on to serve on the Western Front in France until the armistice in 1918.

Henry Rieke was just one of 1115 men killed from the 11th Battalion during the course of the war.

The 100th anniversary of the ANZAC landing is a time to pause and remember the sacrifice of over 60,000 Australians who lost their lives, and the many more who were wounded, gassed or taken prisoner. We also remember the sacrifice of the women and families left behind.


Remembrance Day 

This is a recent presentation by Hon Dr Brendan Nelson,  head of the Australian War Memorial.

During this year’s 58th Annual, Liberal Party Federal Council held in Melbourne, he made a completely adlib presentation that was quite simply astonishing. It is a powerful and moving perspective that is embellished by many personal and human stories of the war.

I have attached the link I would recommend anyone take some time and have a listen.




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