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Interested in the proposed Perth Airport Flight Path Trial?


Important Update! August 2015

The proposed night time flight trial has been cancelled.

The Community Consultation evenings scheduled in August (on 11th and 12) have been cancelled.

For Airservices Australia’s full statement see the Cancelled Flightpath Trial Factsheet


A Warm Welcome!
I presented the Minister for Transport, Hon Dean Nalder, with over 1000 fliers asking for Ranford Road to be upgraded by triplication.

I presented the Minister for Transport, Hon Dean Nalder, with over 1000 fliers asking for Ranford Road to be upgraded by triplication.


Anyone driving in or out of our local area on Ranford Road will know of the morning and afternoon peak hour crawl. This is why I actively worked with State and local government towards having the road widened to accommodate a third lane in each direction.

The community has been right behind this initiative, and more than 1,100 people returned my Ranford Road fliers to me or emailed my office in support. I presented these to Transport Minister, Hon Dean Nalder, mid year. Shortly afterwards funding arrangements were finalised between Main Roads, the Public Transport Authority (PTA) and the City of Canning.

The first two stages are the construction of third lanes in each direction between Bannister Road and the railway bridge, and later a third westbound lane will also be created on the railway overpass bridge, replacing the under-used footpath. (Unfortunately the bridge cannot be widened in the eastbound direction as it is simply too narrow, and eventually it will have to be rebuilt to accommodate the planned passenger rail lines). The City of Canning has approved funding of almost $1.6million for the first stages, which have commenced.

The City has proposed a further two stages, firstly widening Ranford Road for bus lanes between the railway overpass and Waratah Boulevard, and finally continuing the bus lanes from Waratah Boulevard as far as Nicholson Road. As the total project cost is estimated at $6million, the State Government, which has approved $3.5 million for the work, will review the project funding in 2016/17.

There is also a plan to put a shared high standard cycle pathway on the Southside (rubbish tip side) of Ranford Rd, so that there will be a full separation  of cars and bicycles.  The timing of this improvement has not yet been determined.

I am pleased that the proposal has been developed this far, and that, with the support of the City of Canning and the Minister for Transport, the first stage has now begun. There will be some delays as the work proceeds, but the improvements are well over due and will benefit all road users for a long time to come.

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